Who is Multifamily Project Management?

A New Resource for Multifamily Housing Providers

Many management companies and owners operating at substantial scale may have had well-staffed facilities departments in the past.

These were the people that hopped a plane in the middle of the night in response to a fire in your building, or argued with the HVAC vendor that was trying to charge exorbitant prices in the middle of a heatwave. Whatever the circumstance, you could rest easy because you had skilled people protecting your interests. That kind of bench strength has been harder to sustain in today’s economy and has always been hard to afford for smaller operators. Third party contractors are often called upon to fill the void, and many of these folks are both knowledgeable and trustworthy. When the stakes are high, though, in terms of dollars and/or critical conditions at the property, expertise that fully aligns with the owner’s interest can be irreplaceable.

MPM is your ‘facilities’ department, but only when you need us. We have a wealth of expertise because we have seen and done it all. We are able to maintain capacity to take on investigation and implementation projects because we operate at scale with a large portfolio of affiliated and third party properties. The MPM platform gives other owners and managers the opportunity to tap into this resource.

MPM will project manage most projects. Examples include;

  • The entire REAC….
  • Insurance Claims….
  • Investigation and remediation scoping of building envelope, HVAC and other major systems issues and failures.
  • Implementation of major systems repair and replacement work.
  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence.
  • Analysis of preventative maintenance measures and priorities.

If you are confronting physical plant issues that don’t fall squarely within these descriptions, just call us and explain the situation. We will let you know if we can cost effectively help solve the problem.

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